Turkey Recipe



Turkey Recipe

19oz water packed organic firm Tofu, Pressed, pg. 48

Prepared Soy Curls Variation, pg. 79
3C    soy curls
2C    water
1T    maple syrup or agave
1/2T    fresh garlic, mashed
1T    nutritional yeast, frontier

Chickenless Variation , pg. 80
1/3C     extra virgin olive oil
1T    maple syrup or agave
1T    onion powder
1/2T    fresh garlic, mashed
1tsp    paprika
1tsp    hickory smoke
2tsp    Himalayan pink salt
4T    nutritional yeast, frontier
3T    flaxseed, freshly ground
1/2C    wheat germ

1 1/4C    vital wheat gluten flour


1/2 of the prepared soy curls
1    medium sized onion, chopped
2/3C    celery, chopped
3 pieces whole wheat bread, crumbled
1T    fresh garlic, mashed
1/2tsp    Himalayan pink salt
1/2tsp    basil
1/4tsp    sage
2T    mungbean powder or arrowroot powder


1T    honey
1 1/2T    extra virgin olive oil

  1. press tofu
  2. prepare soy curls and set aside to cool
  3. prepare chicken less variation -or- Glutenless Tofu Sausage, pg. 80
    • mix all ingredients except gluten flour.
    • mix in pressed, crumbled tofu
    • add gluten flour and mix well
    • chop cooled soy curls 1/2 at a time in food processor for 10-15 seconds
    • add 1/2 of soy curls  and mix well
  4. mix stuffing ingredients well
    • add other 1/2 of prepared soy curls
  5. grease casserole dish with oil
  6. form chickenless variation into dish as shown
  7. pour stuffing and form compressing well
  8. fold over and cover with chicken less
  9. glaze
  10. make legs with leftover chickenless and glaze
  11. sprinkle paprika and basil

Bake 30 minutes covered at 350F then 20-25 minutes uncovered.

Serve with gravy, pg. 104