“I had a stroke which made one side of my face droop and my neck suffered severe pain.  I couldn’t close one eye, and it made showering and sleeping difficult.  Four days later, I started following the coaching and principles through God’s providence.  After one week, I felt better and could almost close my eye.  Within two weeks, I was doing much better, and at two-and-a-half weeks, I didn’t have any issues left from the stroke.  Thank you!” – Marcelino Calzada


“My son was just over three months old when we realized he had very severe allergies with an overall weaker immune system.  My son’s pediatrician wanted to put him on medication and creams as well as full arm allergy testing.  Instead, I followed the principles shared with me and in a week my son no longer had any allergy symptoms, skin or otherwise.  As an added benefit I lost 20 pounds in a month.” – D.S.


“My cholesterol was 480, triglycerides 520, blood pressure 160/110, my hair had thinned a lot.  On the 15th day, I had to stop taking my BP meds because it was normal and people at church noticed my hair was filling out and my complexion was vibrant.  After 40 days, testing showed everything was in the normal range.” – Jean Choi


“I have had diabetes and high blood pressure for 18 years.  About five months ago, I started changing my diet, I would only see a little change.  They gave me all the information and on the fourth day of following everything exactly, I was having normal readings and had to stop taking the eight pills I was taking daily.  I have never felt so good.  Thanks so much.” – Chester Wallace