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New Life Through Choice | Lifestyle Manual/Cookbook

This is not your ordinary cookbook; it is much more. In fact, many who follow its principles and lifestyle have witnessed reversal of diseases and ailments. Following these instructions give your body the optimum immunity to overcome simple allergies and even cancer.

You will learn how to live the ideal lifestyle for healthful living. The manual/cookbook contains easy to follow, low-fat, plant-based recipes that are healthy and delicious. It also contains many gluten-free options.

“Here is a testimony of how the information has changed life and health!” – Dr. Sam Song

“My cholesterol was 480, triglycerides 520, blood pressure 160/110, my hair had thinned a lot. On the 15th day, I had to stop taking my BP meds because it was normal and people at church noticed my hair was filling out and my complexion was vibrant. After 40 days, testing showed everything was in normal range.” – Jean Choi

New Life Through Choice Lifestyle Manual | Cookbook

Lifestyle Manual / Cookbook


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