Health Study

Dr. Sam Song emphasizes how WHAT you eat, WHEN you eat and HOW you eat can profoundly impact your health. 

What if you could transform your health, reverse disease and master your genetic risk just by following a comprehensive wellness program? Follow these steps to learn more and if possible, be part of the Green Zone Health Study. In order to clearly understand the underlying principles, it is important to read and watch all instructional material and videos.

Green Zone Health Study participants must keep a daily journal and have blood drawn prior (within the last year) to starting the health study. After completing at least 24 days of the new lifestyle, these same blood tests should to be retested.


  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Vitamin D or 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test

GREEN ZONE HEALTH STUDY | Information & Instructions

Step 1 – Learn: Watch the two videos and learn how to live a holistic lifestyle and transform your health.

  • Green Zone Health Study | 1:28:00
  • FAQ about Health Study | 8:57

Step 2 – Get Ready: Participate in the ongoing Green Zone Health Study or begin living a holistic lifestyle to improve health and feel better.

Step 3 – Agree: Read and sign the liability “Release Agreement.” This is the only way to get access to more detailed instructions, including an instructional video and document download in “Step 4 – Download & Watch.”

Step 4 – Download & Watch: 

  1. Download the 32-page Green Zone Lifestyle Study document which contains:
  • Daily Schedule
  • Breakfast Menus
  • Dinner Menus
  • Shopping Lists
  • 24 Days Ingredient List
  • Ingredient List by Day | Health Study
  • “Day of Health Study” | Journal, last page
    • Participants need to complete a journal each day

*Menus and ingredient lists based on recipes from New Life Through Choice, the lifestyle manual and cookbook for the health study.

     2. Watch the Instructional video | 1:15:34

Step 5 – Get Book: New Life Through Choice, the lifestyle manual and cookbook for the health study, discusses how to incorporate the optimum lifestyle and diet in your life and much more on pages 3 – 30.

If you have questions, please call or email:

Dr. Sam H. Song, MD is a pediatrician at GC Pediatrics in Duluth, Georgia. He has been a long-time advocate of healthy diet and lifestyle and believes in treating and healing the whole person, not just the disease, including restoration of the spiritual side.

Song is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, California and completed his residency training at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Song and his family have been living in Duluth since 2003.

Green Zone USA is a venture by several Seventh-day Adventist laypeople and medical professionals to educate and help others experience life-changing benefits from following a comprehensive wellness program. Its mission is to bring health and healing to all by following God’s original health principles.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a global Christian church with 18 million members around the world. Health and wellness have been an emphasis of the church since its beginnings in 1863.